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Interim Consultants focuses on transforming business through the successful integration of people, process and technology. IMC is bottom line driven. IMC brings business and IT experience to every project to help the clients achieve under budget, increased profitability and market leadership.

IT Consulting Services can include:

  • Project Planning and Management
    • Total Project Management
    • Migration/Implementation Planning
    • Business Process Redesign
    • Change Management
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Return on Investment
    • Quality Assurance
    • Resource and responsibility management

  • Design, Testing and Implementation
    • Conceptual Design
    • Full Scale System Implementation
    • Prototyping and Customisation
    • Migration Release Upgrades
    • Integration Testing
    • Implementation of Industry Solutions (Benchmark studies)

  • Training and Documentation
    • Development of Project and End User Training Documentation
    • Senior Executive Level, Project Team and End User Delivery

  • Application Development and System Management
    • Systems Development
    • Interface Programming
    • System Tuning and Optimisation
    • Post Implementation Support
    • Continuous Improvements